Month: June 2017

Industrial Deafness
Medical Care

How Freedom Hearing Can Be Of Service?

When we are suffering from a kind of disability which is not inborn or hereditary, our life could turn into a drastic turn-around which is sometimes hard to accept. Just like when one will suffer from industrial deafness. This is a noise induced hearing loss that happens while a person is working in an environment […]

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Dye Your Hair Without Chemicals
Health & Beauty

Ways To Dye Your Hair Without Chemicals

Whether you are looking to cover up annoying greys or trying something out of your ordinary looks, hair colouring is a good and quick way to do it. The best way it is at home of if you like a best hair colour salon. With the endless list of suspicious chemicals in the synthetic dyes […]

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Hair Transplant Surgery
Health & Fitness

The Dos and Don’ts of Hair Transplant Surgery

Most men lose self-esteem when they get bald. Unfortunately, hair loss is inevitable for a lot of guys as they age. It’s a good thing there are numerous solutions to address that and one of them is hair transplant surgery. It’s an operation where hair follicles form a part of the body and is transferred […]

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