The Biggest Benefits of Botox

Many patients try to treat wrinkles associated with aging of the skin with over-the-counter creams and lotions. The results from topical ointments are often unsatisfying and in the event that they may improve the condition of the skin, lotions and creams will take a considerably long time to visibly smooth even the finest lines and wrinkles. Botox treatments, on the other hand, produce quite impressive results within just a couple of days.

Avoid Surgery

Surgical options such as a facelift are extremely effective at reducing wrinkles and have long-lasting results but are much more expensive than Botox or other injectable products. In fact, Botox injections are a wonderful intermediate option for those who want to look younger but are not ready to invest the money yet in a more permanent surgical solution. In addition, you have to heal from cosmetic surgery and take pain medication while you recover, which may cause a number of problems. With the option of an injection, you have less downtime and never need to worry about other problems.

No Downtime

Botox injections require absolutely no downtime as previously mentioned, which many consumers consider the biggest benefit of the option. In fact, the only recovery instructions generally given are to avoid lying down for approximately one hour or massaging the injection sites. This treatment is referred to as the “lunchtime” cosmetic procedure because the injections do not take much time to administer and so a patient can stop in for a treatment and then head right back to work if necessary.

No Pain

These treatments are provided by highly-trained professional dermatologist and injected at localised sites with precision and expertise so that any potential discomfort is literally as minimal as a pin prick. The procedure takes only a few minutes yet produces results that last months. Unlike surgical options, there is very little trauma to the skin and most patients report no soreness during recovery. For these reasons and more, you cannot fail to consider this option when trying to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Hire a Professional

Since this is such a minor procedure compared to a full or partial facelift, it carries much less risk of negative side effects either from a surgical anesthetic, from the procedure itself, or from potential infections of sutures during recovery. However, doctors recommend that you should always work with a board-certified practitioner in a fully-accredited facility.