The Calling of Medicine: Beyond Ambition and Study

The Calling of Medicine

The medical profession is one of the oldest in the world. The healer, physician or doctor has remained as an important member of the society, being amongst the most respected people in the community. You can find a few of the insights of being a female doctor below.

If you were to look for a definition of the word “doctor” you have to go as far as Ancient Greece. Archiatros or archiater, as it has become after Latinisation designates the person considered the main healer or the one who is in charge of prevention, recognition (diagnosis), treatment and consequences of diseases and accidents.

The career of female doctors begins with the faculty of medicine and continues with several other steps leading to the title of MD. Being a doctor begins long before completing medical school, somewhere in childhood, when you say for the first time that you want to be a doctor.

Along the way, you feel like quitting a few times, but those stages select the real female doctors. The stages mean you start to prepare for college when you know that you will learn all your life. It means the early hours of anatomy and practical classes in hospitals, sessions with exams in subjects that you feel are impossible, and internship residency exam and the residency.

Medicine involves several disciplines, which is why female doctors can choose several specialisations, becoming specialists in that discipline. For example, general medicine, neurology, endocrinology and ophthalmology, to name a few. Amongst them, dentistry is different because it involves following a dental college, which although part of universities of medicine, is separate from other faculties.

Being a specialist in a medical branch means that since college you choose that specialisation and study it, you take the exams in that area, prepare yourself continuously and follow all the steps up to become a physician.
The biggest challenge is to become a surgeon, for which you need to have that special something, calling or talent. This is why when choosing a specialisation, you must be very careful to be something you love, that gives you satisfaction.

You need a passion for this profession—you have to be patient, communicative, open and convey confidence when communicating with patients. Sometimes, you risk falling into indifference if you give too many similar cases, but this can be remedied if you are observant and notice the subtle differences in each case.

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