Why Are Wedding Photography Services Worth the Cost?

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Wedding photography is simply the photography of activities in weddings. Its scope extends to documentation before the marriage, the ceremony itself and those that come afterwards such as the reception. There are several photographers specialising in this field.

Wedding photography is a major branch of commercial photography. To support the demand, some even have an office. In bigger areas, it is not unusual to find studios that are for weddings alone. These are equipped with tools for make-up, hair and almost everything to come up with the best pictures of the bride and groom.

Marriage is a commitment of being together with someone for eternity. It is a one-time event that could change a person’s life. Given that, it is no surprise that couples are so keen on covering this event. It is a common practice to hire a wedding photographer to address this need.

Top three advantages of getting wedding photography services on your day special day:

  • Talent and experience – Get nothing but the best from people who are equipped with natural talent and years of experience. Only invest in people who can capture your special moments in the most beautiful ways.
  • Commitment – With a contract, you can be confident that someone will accomplish the task no matter what. You can trust professionals to deliver when they have given their word. In case there is an emergency, they sure know how to handle the situation. For example, a substitute will take the place of the photographer who cannot render the service. In the end, your wedding will be documented rain or shine.
  • Flexible – There are several packages to choose from. There would a package that is within your price range. Start enquiring and see what you can make out of your budget.

Get the services of an award-winning Sunshine Coast wedding photography professional! Celebrate your love and witness the raw emotions of your wedding repeatedly. Luke Middlemiss Photography is the best choice for all the lovers out there. Visit their website for more information.

Essential Equipment for Wedding Photography

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If you’re new to wedding photography, you may forget to bring some things. You should learn your lesson, so you won’t make the same mistake in the future as personal photographer to your family and friends. Here are the wedding photography things you need to have:

  • At Least Two Cameras

Of course, you won’t be able to do anything at the event if you didn’t bring a camera. It would be a splendid idea to bring a backup camera in case something happens to the one you have. You never know when it might malfunction or lose battery.

  • Speedlights

If the wedding is held at night, it would be best to use an external flash. This is one time when you can’t rely on the flash of the camera alone. Besides, you may regret it if you found out you captured dark images of the guests when the event is over.

  • Extra Memory Cards and Batteries

Since the event is expected to last at least 5 to 6 hours, you should bring many memory cards and batteries for wedding photography task. Besides, you don’t want to run out of battery when something important is happening like when they say their vows and have their first dance as a married couple.

  • Camera Bag

Where will you put all your equipment? You need to make sure your camera bag is big enough to contain all your stuff. Of course, you should also feel very comfortable in carrying it whilst you move around the event throughout the day.

For your event to surely be a success, hire wedding photography professionals. Since they’re already used to covering big events, they already know what to bring and they’ll check if they have everything needed before they go to the event. They’ll also make sure to arrive ahead of time so that they won’t miss out on all the important shots. Best of all, you can give your input on the specific shots you want to be captured during the event.

Perks Of Having Small Weddings

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Gone are the days when big weddings are a hit. Today, more couples choose to celebrate their big day with their closest loved ones as it is practical. If you’re in the midst of planning this event, you definitely need to consider small weddings. Why? Here’s the answer:

More intimate

Let’s face it, we don’t need to invite everyone to the wedding. Aside from the fact that it’s tiring, not all these people are that close to you. So, why not ditch the crowd and go for your closest friends and family? They know you for a long time and you can share more intimate moments with them unlike with a big crowd.

Fee relaxed

When you have just a few people on the event, you don’t feel exhausted all the time. Imagine the stress you’ll get for planning the seats, preparing RSVPs and giveaways. Not to mention the socialisation you’ll do on the day itself. So, if you can’t stand doing all these things, better get small weddings. This way, you can spend more time with your guests and feel at ease.


Considering the number of people to invite, you will notice that there’s ample of a budget for the event. This means you can splurge on things like the venue, giveaways, bridal gown or catering. Sometimes, in the event, spit roasts are the centre piece of a catered party. We can give you an impressive spit roast and much more. Indulge your guests with a delightful banquet with bizarre options like finger foods, vegetarian choice and more. You can contact Apples 4 Apples for an excellent selection of food and beverage.

Save money

For couples with a limited budget, it is a nightmare to celebrate the wedding with a lot of guests. This means you’re going to use savings just for a one-day celebration. Instead of doing this, why not use the money for more important things like investment and preparation for the babies? It’s practical and you can save money.

Things You Should Never Do On Your Bucks Party

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Aussies seem to have embraced buck parties with party cruise being a common stop for such parties. These get-togethers are held every time grooms are about to seal the deal with their brides. It’s that last party where you and all your mischievous pals should freak for one last time because only a few days later you might become someone’s spouse.

These parties are a lifetime’s memory but if only preparing for bucks was as easy as enjoying it seems. All best men thrown such a bash can concur with us when we say it’s a hectic duty. Hosting over 20 buddies in one place, for example. Some naughty ones may even begin sipping on gin even before you—the buck–arrives.

To help you plan, we gathered a few DON’Ts for your bucks.

Posting on Social Media—Whatever happens on bucks stays on bucks! This has been a rule of thumb for years. We don’t know why the opposite is the case today. Or is it that with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram around, everything we do should be shared online? Getting half nude and swaggering your stuff to hype songs is okay, but the idea of having it filmed and posted on social media later for all eyes to see is too much. Anyone could see them—your family members, boss or even spouse-to-be. That said, the first rule for should be, all phones off, no pics and no evidence left.

Don’t Hold Your Bucks Party Abroad—We acknowledge that Bali is an awesome place to be, especially for Aussies who go drinking cocktails and yapping all over, but for your bucks—no, hell no! Don’t you think the tension that comes with gathering and handling over 20 diverse buddies at home is enough trouble? Why then would you want to carry more problems overseas? Worse still, crossing the border may not be as simple as it sounds. Twenty is a very large number. There’s a probability some of your cronies may be carrying outdated passports or have visa issues. Lastly, instead of blowing your budget with airfares, why not host chums in sleeker places within Australia like Sydney Harbor Bucks party cruise.

Paintballing May Injure You—Some will say we’re going overboard. So first, we have to admit first that paintballing is our personal favourite and it would be mad to contradict the kind of hype paintball can add to any get-together, let alone bucks. But don’t just do it on bucks. At bucks, you are the centre of attraction and if you and your pals are paintballing then you’ll be the human target for all paintballs. At the time, it’s all hilarious but later you’ll realise pain on your back, which may persist till the big day if you ever make it there.

The good thing with our DON’TS is that they have tangible reasons to back them and we don’t see why any of them is a must-do for you. Avoid them and have a buck party to recall. When you`re looking to host your party, don`t hesitate to contact Sydney Harbour Bucks party cruise. They can set the scene to create an unforgettable party experience whatever the occasion you have in mind.

Ways To Improve Your Photography Skills By Wedding Photographer

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One of the most popular hobbies throughout the world is photography. Well, it is popular throughout the world. You may notice it by realizing how big the camera industry is. With that in mind, AS Photography have over a decade experience in photographing weddings across Australia people are always looking for tips on how to become a better photographer. With the advent of digital cameras today it may be easier to take photos of some things. But to take photos that can be memorable one must have skill. But thankfully this skill can be developed. When you want to become a photographer you need to have photography equipment to use to do more practices taking photo shots.

Just like in school or anything that requires skills, one must practice. In my San Diego wedding photographer business that is what has helped me get better in taking wedding shots. So for you to practice your skills, you must be willing to take shots everywhere and every time there is an opportunity. If you go to a wedding, take photos of the wedding. Take the shots that a normal photographer would take. You can then compare it to what the real photographer took.

Also, you want to practice taking photos at different times of the day. As a San Diego photographer, we tend to get plenty of sunshine. But even in daylight, you must still know how to manipulate the sunshine and the settings on your digital camera for your photo’s benefit. By practicing some shots at different times of day you will learn what shots work and what does not. And as you learn you will know what shots are the best at different times of the day.

Another way to practice your photography skills is by going to big events. Events like county fairs. Or events like a sports game. Even the kid’s soccer league is a great way to take photos. Doing San Diego event photography has allowed realizing how different the kind of photos you take at big events are. By practicing some shots at sporting events, you will get better at taking moving shots.

So there are some of your tips to improving some of your photography skills. It can help in improving your skills. And while doing so, you will also be enjoying a lot because taking photos should be fun in the first place.