4 Benefits of Having a Custom Made Wedding Dress

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While preparing for your wedding, you might be torn between buying a custom made or a ready-to-wear wedding dress. A lot of brides nowadays choose to have a customised dress made. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Buying Local

Since a lot of dresses come from international designers, you won’t do your local workers a favour if you buy from them. When you have your dress customised, you’ll be supporting your local designers. It would be a great feeling when you’re supporting local companies as you’ll be helping them.

  • Shows Your Best Features

You can also have the option of having your best features shown. For example, if you’re proud of your back, you can have the designer have that exposed. Of course, you can also have some parts hidden if you feel the need to.

  • Wearing a Work of Art

Since fashion designers don’t want their reputation ruined, you’ll certainly be wearing a masterpiece. They’ll do their best to make sure you’re wearing a work of art. If you choose a popular designer, everyone would want to see your dress.

  • Saves Time

Also, you won’t have to go to numerous stores for fittings. You won’t like it when the dress you wanted won’t fit you. You can have your preferred design made for you and even get expert advice from a renowned designer.

If you want a stunning custom made wedding dress, go to the website of Emerald Bridal. Emerald Bridal have supplied brides in Sydney with custom-made wedding dresses for over 25 years. They aim to make the bride look her very best since it’s her big day after all. They only make use of supreme-quality materials for the dresses. Therefore, you’re guaranteed it will be in great condition for a long time.

When You Need a Specialist Makeup Artist

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Whenever you know how to apply makeup by yourself, you might think you can also do it for any important event you will be attending because you’re used to it. While that may be true, some events would require you to hire a specialist makeup artist. This professional is capable of not only making you look good, as she also knows how to transform you into someone else, depending on the occasion or need.

If you’re participating in the making of a film, say perhaps a zombie movie, then you’ll need a makeup artist. You’re going to want to convince viewers that you are your character. For example, you are playing a zombie—it’s going to take more than powder and fake blood for a person to make a person look like a zombie.

Another instance you’ll need this professional is when you’re going to shoot your photo for your company ID. Since it’s an ID you’ll be wearing whenever you’re at the office; you’ll need to look presentable there. During the photo shoot, it’s expected you’ll be doing several poses and group shots, so it won’t be for just a few photos.

You’ll also need makeup artists for a TV show. All the actors and actresses need to look great when they come out on TV. If they don’t, nobody would want to watch the show. Besides, all they need to do to switch to another show is to press a button on their remotes. It’s as easy as that so you must do a lot of convincing for viewers to watch your show. One way is to make your actors and actresses look flawless.

For the best specialist makeup artist in the country, hire Chelsea Brown. She only makes use of the finest makeup equipment to ensure the best results. She’s also a professional who has handled various TV and movie projects. Being the experienced artist, she knows which products are best to use for each situation. She also sees to it she’s updated with all the current trends in makeup fashion.

4 Professionals Needed for a Commercial

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Making a commercial is one of the most proven ways to promote your product. It’s an expensive but effective marketing strategy. If you want to shoot a commercial, it won’t be easy. It’s a very time-consuming process but the finished product is worth it. You’ll also need several professionals for it to be a success and here are some of them:


You’d need good-looking actors who know how to act. They shouldn’t be random people who can memorise a script. They must be people who took up acting school so they’ll be believable in the products they’re trying to promote.


The director’s task is to ensure everyone does his job correctly. Before the shooting of the commercial, he’s going to instruct everyone to do what they’re supposed to do. He also manages the overall proceedings of the shoot. He can also add to the script if he feels the need to do so.


The scriptwriter’s task is to write the script for the commercial. He needs to find the right words for the actors so the commercial will catch the attention of the audience. It may be a short script but it must be powerful. He’s not only responsible for the words but also what happens in the background.

Specialist Makeup Artist

The role of the specialist makeup artist is to put the proper makeup on the actors. It depends on the role of the actors. If some are playing sea creatures, then the makeup artist will put heavy prosthetics on the actor.

If you’re looking for a specialist makeup artist, you’ll ask for recommendations from your friends. They’ll have one common suggestion and that’s Chelsea Brown. Chelsea’s list of accomplishments proves she’s very passionate in makeup. She received nothing but great feedback from the people she worked with from models to fashion designers. Despite her expertise, she provides very affordable rates. To know more about her, fill up the form at her website. For a fast response, you can email or call her through her two hotline numbers.

What Causes Hair Damage

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Some of us are guilty of using harsh products in our hair which contributes to its damage. There are unhealthy habits we’re not aware of doing which can cause breakage and hair loss. If you want to know more about the causes of damage, see the following guide:

Brushing strands

Do you always get an ample number of strands after brushing or combing your hair? Maybe you’re putting too much force to this activity which leads to drastic hair fall. So, monitor the number of strands that you get from brushing. Experts say that you need to use a wide brittle comb when your hair is wet as the brush can easily pluck strands. After a shower, you can just use your hands when blow-drying.

Using ponytail

All girls know the struggle of a long and thick hair when strolling outdoor. Good thing, there’s ponytail to the rescue. But did you know that this hairstyle causes notorious damage? Split ends and broken strands are the effects of always putting your hair up in a ponytail. If you really need to do it, make sure you gently pull and yank the fibre to avoid breakage.


Some days we want our crowning glory to be short but when parties and major events happen, we resort to extensions. These are strands clipped or attached to the natural hair to achieve stylish long strands. But take note that this product can cause brittleness to strand and even put too much pressure on the roots which can give you a discomfort or a headache.

Not consulting experts

Whether you can do your own trimming or colouring, you must be diligent to visit a hair salon to learn how you can maintain healthy hair. Some of us attempt to save money through DIY hair care methods. But this will be a disaster if you’ll not seek advice from the expert and use harsh products like bleach and highlights. Remember that you only get the best with experts. Contact Alchemy of Hair for more details on how you can maintain a healthy hair. Remember that you only get the best with experts. Contact Alchemy of Hair now.