Check Your Ears and Take an Online Hearing Test

Online Hearing Test

Often overlooked, hearing screening must be a part of your regular check-up, especially when you are working in a noisy environment. If you can’t consult an audiologist probably because of lack of time and money, you can still detect any possible problem by taking the online hearing test.

  • Identify Hearing Loss

While most cases of hearing loss are because of ageing and some health problems, you still need to take the online hearing test. Many people that are healthy and young have this condition without even knowing they have it. If you often find yourself asking others to repeat their statement, chances are, you are suffering from this. With this test, you will know your status, and it will usually take less than ten minutes. You just need have a pair of headphones adjusted to the sound level that you desire. Once you’ve answered the questions, the website will give you recommendation and results based on your examination.

  • What to Do Next

If the result says that you have a problem, you need to consult with a qualified audiologist. Many companies are offering free consultation and booking, so you don’t have to worry about the cost. The audiologist will ask questions about your health and lifestyle. They will also tell you what seems to be the cause of your loss. If the expert told you that this happens mainly because of your work, it’s now time to ask for an industrial deafness claim. To get a claim, you need to:

  1. Provide a certificate that you are diagnosed
  2. Have worked at least five years in the company
  3. Employment History

If your claim is not accepted by your company, you can consult and ask the Villari Lawyers for help. They will help you get the compensation that you are entitled to. Talk to them to learn more about the process.