What to Expect in a Day Spa

Day Spa

Spas are beneficial not only for the body and the senses but also for the mind. During weekdays, we get so busy that there’s not much time for anything else other than work. This takes a toll on our overall health.

But taking care of yourself should be the first thing that you’re prioritising. Go to a day spa to have a relaxing way to take away the stress that’s plaguing your body.

Swedish Massage

Massages give you calm and relief. Tight muscle knots are released whenever blood circulates completely throughout the body which massages provide.

An hour of Swedish massage, for example, improves circulation and flushes out toxins from the body.

The use of essential oils during a massage stimulates the senses and greatly eases anxiety. For example, the use of vanilla oil helps in cell regeneration. It’s a natural sedative that puts people at ease—it’s widely used for that reason.

Steam Treatment

This helps to relieve fever and boosts your immune system. It’s greatly beneficial for unclogging the sinuses and hydrating your skin because of the heat. This makes your skin breathe and gives it a natural, flushed glow afterwards as if you’ve been out on a run.

Exfoliating Mask

A mud wrap works by detoxifying and exfoliating it like a scrub would. If you’ve got dull, tired skin from not getting enough sleep, this helps renew it and give it moisture. The mixture penetrates deep enough to minimise impurities like pimples, rashes or other skin irritation and inflammation.

Foot Bath

Our poor feet always get sore after we’re done for the day. Some of us also get constant blisters and calluses from wearing tight-fitting shoes and stilettos for work or commuting. You can give your feet a rest by giving it a foot bath. The hot water and essential oils scrub away the dead skin, softens the soles and relieves fatigue.

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