Are you planning to rent an off-road caravan? If you are, then you might as well ask relevant questions to ensure that you will not get disappointed by the time the vehicle is at your disposal.

Could the off-road caravan tow my vehicle?

Each caravan available for renting has a specific tow weight that you should check against your vehicle’s specifications. It is necessary that you know how to conduct measurements yourselves. If not, then it is best to ask specific questions from the Australian made off road caravans.

What would happen if I broke something?

This is one of the things that you need to take extra precaution on. Remember that you are just renting the caravan— it is only fair that you take care of it like it is yours. However, accidents can happen so it is only necessary that you ask the company this question. Of course, you are not planning  to break any part of the vehicle, but asking the company just in case is a must.

How much is the bond fee and how will I get it back?

Bond fee is a requirement for most off road caravans’ rental companies. The amount varies. Nevertheless, you may want to know when can you get your bond back after rental. Some companies are giving it back right after you return the caravan—you just need to give them enough time to check the overall condition of the vehicle. If there are issues, then it needs to be discussed.

Is insurance included?

Ask for the insurance coverage. There are some companies that do not include an insurance coverage in their packages but it is better to know what are those. Most of the time, they are automatically deducted from your bond upon return.