Get Healthier Skin with Natural Raw Manuka Honey

Raw Manuka Honey

Because of its great healing properties, natural raw manuka honey has been widely used in the medical field in treating wounds and inflammations.

Natural Honey

How is manuka honey different from the others?

The manuka tree grown in New Zealand is the source of this honey variant. Compared to the types that can be bought in stores, it has a natural methylglyoxal (MGO) compound. The MGO found in it protects against virus, like Streptococcus, E. Coli and other bacterial species. Only slightly more bitter than normal raw honey, manuka is just as sweet.

Treatment for skin problems

Because of its wonder chemicals, it can cure a host of skin diseases, such as:

  • Acne – It has anti-bacterial properties that will cleanse your face from acne. The MGO it contains increases its antibiotic properties. To use it, you can directly apply in on your dry skin and massage for thirty seconds. Use a clean washcloth to wipe it off before you apply your favourite moisturising cream. You can also relieve back acne with it. Before going into the shower, apply the mixture to your skin for ten minutes. After, you can start showering. The steam from the bath will let the body absorb the mixture, deeply moisturising it in the process.
  • Pimple scars – Brighten scars by applying it onto the face. Massage it in an upwards motion as this helps shed away accumulated dirt and oil. Leave it on for at least half an hour before wiping it away with a clean cotton or cloth.
  • Dull and dry complexion – Being constantly out in the sun affects the moisture level of the skin. As a result, skin cells respond by soaking up the remaining moisture. This leaves it rough, patchy and dry. Luckily, manuka aids in bringing back the lost moisture and dewiness. First, add a teaspoon into a bowl and mix with two tablespoons of brown sugar. Squeeze a lemon into the mixture and mix. Use it as a gentle facial scrub before washing it off after a minute.

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