Different Types of Lip Enhancement

The idea of lip enhancement is to produce fuller and plumper lips. For many women, lip enhancements translate to increased social visibility, increased confidence, and better career prospects. Indeed, many Hollywood actresses are well-known for opting for lip injections on a regular basis in order to enhance their chances of landing plum roles in major movies or simply to stay up with the A-list of their celebrity peers. Most of them also avail laser hair removal.

Lip enhancement procedures have changed over the years and the most common for now is to inject hyaluronic acid into the lips. Previously, collagen lip injections were performed but this procedure often resulted in too many side effects including a lumpy appearance.

By contrast, modern hyaluronic acid injections look more natural and produce fuller and plumper lips. The substance naturally occurs in the human body.

Key Advice for Those Wanting Lip Enhancement

Whatever your reasons are for wanting to undergo one of the many lip enhancements available, there are a number of things about the procedures that you need to know before committing including:

• Hyaluronic acid injection is the most popular and provides almost instant results.

• If you do opt for HA injections, they should last between four and six months, at which point you will need to get the procedure redone. This is because the body metabolizes HA over a period of time.

• The HA injection procedures normally take between 15 and 20 minutes and while there is some discomfort due to the stinging sensation of the injection, the recovery time is minimal.

• Even though pain and recovery are minimal, it is recommended not to play sports or engage in vigorous exercise for at least three days afterwards. This is because increased blood flow to the face and lips can result in bruising.

• You can actually choose which parts of your lips you’d like the HA filler to be injected into.

• As with all medical procedures, you should only ever see a qualified professional with experience in this area to have your lips done.

• Even though it is possible for you to have a lot of HA injected for huge and plump lips, it is not advisable. A gentle increase in size over time is a good idea and it is also wise to have lips that suit your face.

Plenty of women feel more confident and better about themselves after having lip enhancement injections done but, as with any medical procedure no matter how simple, it is always best to see a highly-qualified professional.