When Do You Need a Neurosurgeon or Neurologist?


The brain carries the nerves that control all our movements. But like any part of our body, it gets damaged and injured. While it can be treated by physicians, some get confused who to call. To help, we listed information about your brain’s doctor.


People often confused that neurologist and neurosurgeons are the same things as they both treat patients with brain and spinal disorder, but it has differences.

Neurologists specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of brain and nervous system. Some focus on the diagnostic tests while others give pain management and treat short-term pain.

While neurosurgeons are to treat neurological complex conditions. They are the ones who handle operations. When a patient needs to undergo a surgery, the neurologist will refer them to the neurosurgeons.


When you feel any of these symptoms, you should consult with your neurologist.

  • Chronic Back Pain

If the pain bothers you for months or even years, you should consult a specialist. The pain can be associated with bone or disc abnormality, or other problems.

  • Headaches

We all experience this almost every day, but if the pain is reaching your sinuses and it comes up with vomiting, it can lead to something serious like bleeding in the brain or increased pressure in the skull.

  • Dizziness

Dizziness comes in many factors, but if your world is spinning, you may have vertigo. While disequilibrium is for those who lose their sense of balance.


  • Epilepsy

Most epileptic patients that undergo a brain surgery are proven to be closed to seizure free. Their needs for medications also decrease. But before any operation takes place, all the tests must be done to make sure that that patient’s brain is ready.

  • Spinal disc and neck problems

There are many reasons why spinal problems occur. It could be because of a vehicular accident, falling on the ground and sports-related mishaps. The common method specialist uses to restore the spine is by putting braces.

  • Brain Surgery

This is done to repair and correct any abnormalities in the brain. People who have an aneurysm, internal bleeding, blood clots, nerve damage and more needs a brain surgery.

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