How To Start A Medical Practice

Medical Facility

Setting up your own medical facility is not as easy as it sounds, so, to help, we will give you the things you need to consider before taking the plunge:


It’s no secret that having your own hospital will cost you a lot. So, as early as now think of your funds and make sure that it can suffice your start-up costs. Make a budget for your location, computer system and software as they are needed when keeping all your records and patient files. You also need to ensure that it can cover other costs like staffs and utility bills. If you don’t have enough money and planning to have a loan, better do this early to not waste time as you need to wait weeks for the paperwork to be processed.


Before you start, several permissions and documents from local authorities need to be taken and approved, including the architect’s plan, electric meters and water supply, a well-planned sewage and drainage system. Installing incinerators is also very vital and needed permission from your state. Check with your local Department of Health for more necessary paperwork.


Choose your location well. If there are already some hospitals in your area, better rent or build your establishment in other places so it won’t be difficult for you to pool in patients. Moreover, the place needs to near transportation facility. Considering the tax that the place requires, is also important.


Your staffs can make or break your business. So, be careful on who you will hire. Make sure that they have the degree and expertise to get the job properly done. You can post a job listing online or in a newspaper to have bigger options.


All types of medical professionals need tools to do their jobs. Some of these are EKG Machines, Stress Systems, Diagnostic Ultrasounds, etc. You also need to have a medical suction for your firm. Becker Pumps can provide you with this equipment.