Ways To Dye Your Hair Without Chemicals

Dye Your Hair Without Chemicals

Whether you are looking to cover up annoying greys or trying something out of your ordinary looks, hair colouring is a good and quick way to do it. The best way it is at home of if you like a best hair colour salon.

With the endless list of suspicious chemicals in the synthetic dyes we see around, you can never be too quick to pick any. A National Cancer Institute research shows that hair products are compounds of over 5,000 different chemicals.

What causes much worry is that most are carcinogens, although dyes have not been associated with any cancer studies. Fortunately, there are many natural ways to change the colour of your tresses without having to for the toxic dyes.

Dirty to Golden Blonde (Honey and Cinnamon)—This is possible with a mixture of two natural products—honey and cinnamon. Honey contains hydrogen peroxide, a natural bleaching agent, whilst cinnamon is a natural dye that turns your crown golden. Mix together equal portions of the two ingredients and add olive oil or any conditioner. Apply the paste all over your tresses and massage. Let it sit for an hour before rinsing with water. Like with other natural hair dyes, you will have to do it several times to achieve the best results.

Light Brown to Dark Brunette (Black Walnut)—Black walnut stains pretty everything they get in contact with. When it comes to dying the hair, they give a colour that lasts longer than many other natural dyes. Crush the walnuts or buy black walnut powder and then boil the hulls for not less 30 minutes until you have dark walnut tea. After the tea cools, soak your hair in the dye for 20 minutes or more, depending on the shade you are looking for. Take care not to rub too much walnut it into your scalp. As a protective measure, cover your hairline with coconut oil.

Brunette to Blonde Highlights (Chamomile Tea)—If you are looking for golden highlights, chamomile tea is the best go-to ingredient. Brew the tea and use it to rinse your hair. Pour the tea over your hair repeatedly and allow the tea to soak well into your hair for not less than an hour and then rinse with water. An easier and more regular method is to make a custom chamomile deep conditioner with moisturising ingredients e.g. olive oil and like honey. Three weeks later, you will notice a significant change.

These are but a few natural ways to have your hair dyed at home. Most of these steps will need to be repeated severally for more effective results. Don’t be deceived to pay more for modern dyes that may harm your health in the long run. Why risk yourself when you have a variety of natural ingredients that you can easily prepare to get the job done? Visit http://www.alchemyofhair.com.au/ to learn more.